Current Grantees (2023-2024)

Funder Hui works to bring funders, foundations, nonprofits, and community together to increase impact. It aims to redefine what it means to be a funder through promoting the values of equity, relationship building in the non-profit sector, and honoring the critical role that social capital plays in impact and change making while elevating the voice and vision of community and the unique innovations that Hawaiʻi offers to the world.

Hawaiʻi Health and Harm Reduction Center (H3RC) works to fight stigma and promote wellness of those affected by HIV, hepatitis, homelessness, substance use, mental illness, and poverty which disproportionately affect the transgender, LGBTQ, and Native Hawaiian communities.

Hōlani Hāna was founded by kūpuna elders and cultural practitioners to elevate the well-being of families and communities through the perpetuation of Hawaiian values, rural lifestyles, cultural artforms, and subsistence practices. Hōlani Hānaʻs 4 Pillars of Puʻuhonua (place of refuge,) ʻAhupuaʻa (promoting harmony between humans and environment,) ʻIke Kūpuna (ancestral knowledge existing in each person,) and Pilina (to recognize inherent interconnectedness) are the basis of their work to reclaim Hawaiʻi as a beacon of Aloha for the world.

Mental Health America of Hawaiʻi promotes mental wellness through education, advocacy, and service to reduce the stigma of mental illness and improve the overall care, treatment, and empowerment of those with mental illnesses – children, adults, elders – and their families.

Parents and Children Together (PACT) delivers prevention and intervention services statewide in early childhood education, child abuse & neglect prevention and treatment, domestic violence prevention and treatment, and mental health support. Their Maui programs center on the prevention, treatment, and support of victims of domestic violence, trafficking, child neglect, and mental health issues.

RYSE (Residential Youth Services & Empowerment) works to ending youth homelessness and guide street-identified at-risk youth toward a brighter future. RYSE serves youth 14 to 24 with wraparound supportive services to address immediate crisis and increase safety and healing for homeless youth victims.

Touch A Heart aims to rebuild and restore the spirit in community members who are involved in the criminal justice system, suffering from homelessness, or challenged by substance abuse who face barriers to employment. Through their food production social enterprise, Touch A Heart offers vocational training, apprenticeships, and opportunities for meaningful community restoration within a supportive network. Clients gain skills to integrate back into society as contributing citizens.