A Return to BRIDGE

The Bridge of Friendship returned for its 16th year after a one-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was observed as a virtual gathering with its chosen theme “Bridge.” We hope you enjoy viewing the video “Team José” that was shared during the gathering and that you will share it with others. For more information about “Team José,” visit https://teamjose.com and please click on the HELP link on the top menu bar to follow José A. Fajardo and Jennifer Barrett Fajardo’s journey.

At the 2014 Bridge of Friendship, we told a story of Resilience, Reclamation, and Renewal. It revealed a few moments in time of the everlasting connection between Pono Shim and Malcolm Lutu who are both deeply connected with our long-time friend Paula Akana who has been an integral part of our Bridge ʻohana since its beginnings. At the 2021 Bridge, we decided to share some footage from the 2014 interview as it perfectly expresses how we feel about relationships and connection. Ponoʻs presence and teachings of the Aloha Response have been a guiding presence for our Bridge Planning Team as well as for change makers in our Hawaiʻi community and throughout the world.


A Six–Part Weekly Lead-up to the Bridge of Friendship on 11/19/21
Part 6  “A Return to Bridge” (48 sec)

Part 5  “Even in Darkness” (46 sec)

Part 4  “Just Like Me” (55 sec)

Part 3  “Giving and Joy” (50 sec)

Part 2  “The Rhythm of Aloha and Kuleana” (49 sec)

Part 1  “Culture and Connection” (1 min 34 sec)

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